YOU are the Hero of the Story!

The Emmy Award winning Page Turner Adventures sparks imagination, curiosity and laughter through TOTAL ENGAGEMENT EXPERIENCES. To book a FAMILY SHOW, please contact THEATREWORKS USA. (Make sure to ask about “Page Turner Adventures” Shows! They handle other artists as well.)

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Page Turner Adventures produces milk-through-the-nose funny family shows and videos that use the double whammy of comedy and story to educate, entertain and engage kids.

The shows feature Riley Roam as the Intrepid Storyologist, Page Turner and former Ringling Bros. Clown, Kenny Mikey as her slapstick sidekick. Together they turn the entire audience into Storyologists and send them on comic quests of controlled chaos.

The entire audience becomes the main character in storybook steampunk tales that inspire kids to become readers and writers, as they explore a town devoted to pizza, climb through clouds to a giant’s lair, solve the mystery of a vanished vaudevillian, and conduct experiments in a mad scientist’s lab.

Award-winning videos and webisodes draw kids into the adventure before they step foot in the theater, and extend the laughs and learning long after the curtain drops.

Page Turner Adventures has wowed countless children at theaters, schools, and libraries across the country with their unique brand of interactive entertainment that proves … When You Read, Every Day is an Adventure!


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