SuperSized Stage Shows ONLINE

At Page Turner Adventures, we’re known for our SuperSized Stage Shows where everyone in the audience becomes the HERO of the story. But…we’re also an Emmy, Telly and iParenting Award Winning Video company that’s been producing educational and social-emotional content for schools and television for over twenty years, including the Travel Channel, Scholastic, and PBS.

For our new virtual venture, we’ve partnered with Old School Square, a world class Performing Arts Center, to create high quality productions that bring the magic of theater to the small screen. We’re also incorporating short-form video segments designed to correspond with school standards and engage kids through comedy, stories, improv, animation, movement, and music.

Virtual Theater Shows

As lifelong performers, we know how to put on a show – even when it is virtual!  

We’ve partnered with Old School Square, a world class Performing Arts Center, to create high-quality productions that bring the magic of theater to the small screen. 

In our new Virtual Storyology Series we use theater, storytelling, art, and comedy to teach social emotional learning (SEL), language arts skills, and STEAM concepts. 

We currently have nine different virtual productions that can be viewed as full shows or in shorter segments that are followed by interactive lessons that align with school standards and curriculum. 

Things are definitely different these days, but by embracing technology, we have the power to transform the way kids interact with the arts. Different can be exciting, and Page Turner Adventures is thrilled to be a part of this new virtual frontier.

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Virtual School Shows


Help is on the way!  We get it, virtual content is hard to plan and engaging young children through a computer screen can be challenging – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways for children to learn and, well, that’s what we are all about!  Our comedy theater shows are segmented into short interactive videos that help kids explore stories from the inside out and bring literacy to life. Each segment is followed by a mini lesson in Social-Emotional Learning, Growth Mindset, Language Arts, or STEAM concepts.

Our programming has been developed with psychologists and educators to make sure that it’s not only fun and engaging (which it is, if we do say so ourselves!) but also aligns with school standards and curriculum.  

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Virtual Library Shows

Throughout our travels over the past two decades, we’ve met some of the most spectacular librarians in the world (Jill even wrote a book about them!).  

While right now it may be difficult to be together in-person at a library, we have the privilege of working with a number of libraries to help keep kids engaged with reading and writing. In fact, this summer, we partnered with 468 libraries in 27 states and Canada to offer a 10-week virtual children’s reading program which included comedy shows, crafts, recipes, children’s book author interviews, local guest performers, contests, games, and much more. It was definitely the coolest summer ever! 

Looking ahead, we are working on partnerships with premier reading programs to help libraries engage patrons all year long with targeted user experiences and content. 

We’re also currently developing our virtual programming for the summer 2021 CSLP theme, Tales and Tails. Stay tuned for more info!

For more information, contact Lisa Nadel at