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Take a journey through our Once Upon a Time Machine for a virtual adventure. But watch out for Pilfer Plotz! He’s out to steal stories, and stop Page Turner and Kenny from their library adventures.

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Here are the TENTATIVE program descriptions for each week. SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

List of Craft Materials

We know that lots of libraries like to create “TAKE & MAKE” Kits for their patrons ahead of time. Go HERE to find a list of materials for all our summer crafts and recipes.

Week #1: Imagine Your Fairytale Story

(Pre-Recorded Videos Available June 1, 2020)*

Once upon a time…
It’s our first adventure through the Once Upon a Time Machine as we head into THE MIXED-UP FAIRYTALE Show featuring some of your favorite fairytale characters and a real ten-foot-tall giant! This week we’ll also make paper bag gingerbread houses and Little Red Riding Hood’s no-bake cookies. While older kids will play fairytale Madlibs and design magical “golden” eggs. We have two guest authors for our kick-off week, including the man behind MR. LEMONCELLO’S LIBRARY, Chris Grabenstein, AND librarian, storyteller, and PRESIDENT-ELECT OF ALSC, Lucia Gonzalez! Lucia will talk to us about her Pura Belpre Honor Award Winning book, THE STORYTELLER’S CANDLE. She’ll also perform an amazing bi-lingual folktale inspired by her book THE BOSSY GALLITO. Librarians will recognize our guest performer, Grammy Winning King of Kid-Hop, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo from his many years of producing music for CSLP and being the CSLP Reading Champion.

Week #2: Imagine Your Space Story

(Pre-Recorded Videos Available June 8, 2020)

We kick off the week with THE BOOK FROM OUTER SPACE. In this comedy adventure show, the kids at home must help Pixel the Librarian save the Intergalactic Library from destruction! On our first craft-day, we’ll be making paper-plate flying saucers and alien pipe-cleaner finger puppets. Our crafts Space Case bags from duct tape and zip lock baggies, while older kids will conduct a fizzing “space ball” experiment/craft. They’ll also make duct tape “space cases.” Our guest author is Lori Haskins Houran, author of over 50 books for young readers, including her most recent picture book, SPACE MICE. We’ll also meet the illustrator of SPACE MICE, Priscilla Alpaugh. Our Guest Performer, EMMY award winner Janet Ivey, will be zooming all the way to us from her science-themed PBS show Janet’s Planet.

Week #3: Imagine Your Science Story

(Pre-Recorded Videos Available June 15, 2020)

It’s full STEAM ahead with DR. LOBOTO’S STEAM LAB AND MOVIE MAGIC Show. We’ll explore the science, technology, engineering, art, and math behind movies and animation while trying to thwart the mad scientist Dr. Loboto and his plan to take over the world. Kids at home will make balloon rockets and early animation devices called Thaumatropes. Older kids will create phenakistoscopes, another type of animation device. And, with some parental supervision, we’ll attempt to make s’mores in our very own solar ovens. Our author is Teresa Robeson, this year’s winner of the Asian Pacific American Award for her picture book QUEEN OF PHYSICS. And our guest performer is magician, singer, recycling guru, and PBS star, the one and only, Steve Trash.

Bonus: Such a Library! Book Launch June 16th at 3PM (EDT)

Join us for a celebration and BOOK LAUNCH PARTY for the new picture book SUCH A LIBRARY!: A Yiddish Folktale Re-imagined, written by Jill Ross Nadler a.k.a. World Famous Storyologist, Page Turner (and one of the hosts of our Virtual Summer Reading Program). We’ll have crafts, trivia, special guests, and lots of book giveaways. SUCH A LIBRARY! is based on the folktale, It Could Always Be Worse, but this version takes place in a magical library and features an unusual librarian with a book that comes to life! We’re also going to take this time to celebrate libraries and librarians with our SUCH A LIBRARIAN! Award. Kids and parents can nominate their favorite librarian to win a special prize package.

Week #4: Imagine Your Adventure Story

(Pre-Recorded Videos Available June 22, 2020)

Kids at home will join Page Turner and Kenny on an Indiana Jones-style adventure as they search for the elusive purple wish lion. On our craft day, they’ll make their own paper-plate wish lions, and toilet tube binoculars. While older kids will travel to Easter Island where they’ll make megaliths from laundry detergent bottles and masking tape, and tanzuku wishes in honor of Japan’s Tanabata Festival. Our guest writer, Donna Gephart is the winner of the Sid Fleishman Humor award and the author of seven middle grade novels, including her latest adventure…THE PARIS PROJECT. We’ll also talk to Kelly Milner Halls, author of dozens of non-fiction books for kids. We’ll find out if the purple wish lion appears in her latest book, CRYPTID CREATURES: A FIELD GUIDE. Our guest performers this week are the amazing team at ADVENTURE SANDWICH, they’ll amaze you with their singing and cardboard crafting that you’ll have to see to believe. (Note: we originally planned a virtual zoo visit and a visit to the workshop of a Lion King puppet master, Jim Hammond. Jim, unfortunately, was ill this week and couldn’t make it. We hope to catch up with him later in the summer. And our Zoo plans also fell through due to unforeseen circumstances. We’ll also try to arrange something at a later date).

Week #5: Imagine Your Musical Story

(Pre-Recorded Videos Available June 29, 2020)

This week kids will travel back in time via a Time Machine Piano so they can save Ludwig Von Beethoven from the musical machinations of the villain, Dr. Crescendo, and his cacophonous cryptic codes. Then they’ll make Australian clapping sticks and mini African drums. While older kids will create sharpie tie-dye tee-shirts and bat puppets (Hey, they use echolocation! It works with the music theme). Our writer this week is the awesome Sherri Winston, author of THE SWEETEST SOUND and JADA SLY, ARTIST & SPY. Our guest performer is ten-year-old blues playing phenom, MILES HOYT (and family!).

Week #6 Imagine Your Cooking Story

(Pre-Recorded Videos Available July 6, 2020)

This week, we head into the kitchen for THE GREAT PIZZA CONTEST show, featuring two feuding pizza makers, Vincent Van Dough and Leonardo Da Munchi as they vie to make the birthday pie for Mayor Ann Chovi. Kids will become the people in the town of Mozzarella when they make a pencil-thin mustache craft, paper-plate “flag” pizzas, and a no-bake fruit pizza recipe. Older kids will flex their cooking chops when they make granola pinwheels, tortilla pizzas, and pie-in-a-glass. Instead of a guest performer, this week we’ll visit Gayon and Willimour Daniel at YOUNG CHEF’S ACADEMY-CORAL SPRINGS where they’ll teach us how to whip up even more “half-baked” ideas. Our guest author is Margaret Dilloway, author of the tasty middle grade novel, SUMMER OF A THOUSAND PIES.

Week #7 Imagine Your Underwater Story

(Pre-Recorded Videos Available July 13, 2020)

It’s time to get wet and wild with this underwater comedy show featuring everyone’s favorite small but mighty superheroes, Melvin the Mantis Shrimp and Agatha the Axiotl. Kids at home will learn tons of weird watery fun facts when they play our trivia game show, GET SOAKED. And everyone can cool off with our sandpaper craft, paper towel tube rainsticks, and bubble art. Older kids will love Hydro-Dipping as they create one-of-a-kind designs in this creative craze that’s sweeping Youtube. We have two amazing writers this week. Author, poet, storyteller, and former librarian, Shutta Crum will make it rain with her book THUNDER BOOMER and Author/Illustrator Janeen Mason will wow us with her OCEAN COMMOTION series of picture books. Our guest performer, Burl the Bubble Guy comes to us all the way from Cologne, Germany! And he will blow your mind with an awesome bubble show.

Week #8: Imagine Your Circus Story

(Pre-Recorded Videos Available July 20, 2020)

A steamer trunk, a mysterious book, and a hat belonging to Harry Houdini begin THE MAGNIFICENT CIRCUS MYSTERY, an outrageous show filled with magic, juggling, unicycling, and comedy. Kids will make clown bookmarks, as well as their own magical steamer trunks. Older kids will learn how to juggle plastic grocery store bags and how to make their own juggling balls! Our author/illustrator this week is the incredible Don Tate, author and illustrator of STRONGER THAN SANDOW (and many other wonderful books!). Our guest performer is world-renowned magician and Houdini historian, Jessica Jane Peterson (Penn & Teller’s Fool Me). Then we’ll take a virtual tour of the International Clown Hall of Fame in Baraboo Wisconsin.

Week #9: Imagine Your Theater Story

(Pre-Recorded Videos Available July 27, 2020)

This week, we’re heading to the stage with the very dramatic tale of the DRAMA DRAGON who decides that having too many feelings is just not worth it! Then we’ll make Drama Dragon toilet tube puppets and play theater games. Older kids will learn some fun improv games including zip zap zop and zombie tag. They’ll also make tissue box puppet theaters. Our guest author is non-fiction superstar Bethany Hegedus, the creator of multiple biographies including RISE!: FROM CAGED BIRD TO POET OF THE PEOPLE, MAYA ANGELOU. Our guest performer is the hilarious ventriloquist, Mr. A (aka Richard Adler) and his dragon dummy…er…friend.

Week #10 Imagine Your Pirate Story

(Pre-Recorded Videos Available August 3, 2020)

Ahoy! This week we set sail with CAPTAIN BOOK AND THE BOOKANEERS! Kids at home will help the captain find his treasure with a spyglass craft and balloon-powered pirate ship. Older kids will make pirate maps, embossed seashell rubbings, and nautical-themed candles from glass jars. Our guest author is the swashbuckling Melinda Long, author of HOW I BECAME A PIRATE and PIRATES DON’T CHANGE DIAPERS and Tom Lichtenheld, who is perhaps best known for his illustrations of GOOD NIGHT, GOOD NIGHT CONSTRUCTION SITE, but has also written EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT PIRATES. If you really want to join our crew, you’ll have to brush up on your pirate lingo with our guest performer, Pirate Billy Bones aka David Engel from David Engel’s Pirate School.

*The pre-recorded videos will be available on the dates listed. HOWEVER, you can choose to start on a later date OR just choose certain weeks.

For example: If your program starts on June 22st, you can still begin with Week #1: Imagine Your Fairytale.