Such a Library: A Yiddish Folktale

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Did you know that our very own Page Turner (aka Jill Ross Nadler) is a real life author?? It’s
true! The book, Such a Library: A Yiddish Folktale, based on the classic tale, "It Could Always
Be Worse," is set in a library where a boy named Stevie is trying to get some peace and quiet.
Unfortunately, he finds that pages are turning, keys are tapping, and the storyteller is once upon
a timing which tends to be quite noisy. When he complains to the librarian, Miss Understood,
she "helps'' by opening a book and releasing balloons, party fixings, zoo animals, and even a
circus! Stevie quickly discovers that he had no idea how good he had it and that librarians are
indeed magical. Get your copy today!

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