Storyologist Kids Club Members Exclusive

We are pleased to offer our Storyologist Kids Club Members exclusive access to our magical, transformative story-telling essentials. From tools that allow you to take things in your imagination and make them reality, to gear that allows you to recognize other Adventurers out in the wild, feast your eyes on the items below to fill your tool box for the adventures ahead!

Storyologist Kit

For the best deal on our full toolkit, don’t miss our complete Storyologist Kit. This box includes
all the essentials for every Storyologist including:
● Magical story-telling apparatuses that transform thoughts onto the page (some may call
them pencils)
● Portable notebooks to be able to capture adventures on the go
● Exclusive stickers to mark your own gear with the Storyologist Kids Club Emblem
● Full-size poster to keep the magic of reading alive
● The official uniform of our Storyologist Kids Club - a comfy t-shirt - in your choice of color
● And don’t forget to share your adventures far and wide with the included postcard!
● BONUS POSTER to share with family and friends ($5 value)


Storyologist Kids Club

Each month we bring you wonderfully weird trivia, facts, and stories via the once upon a time machine. We also feature stories and illustrations from our Jr. Storyologists. Sign up below and get your free Storyologist e-handbook!