How does the audience become the HERO of the story?

We love incorporating the audience’s ideas and energy directly into the show. It’s so much more than inviting kids to come up on stage, or incorporating a few call and response moments into the action. Our audiences become an integral part of the story. They stand up, sit down, run in place, climb beanstalks, talk directly to the characters, solve problems, and influence the action. We want kids to experience how authors come up with story ideas, and for them to see that their own ideas have value. Our hope is that children leave the theater inspired to write their own stories.

What exactly is Slapstick Steampunk?

We LOVE the look and feel of steampunk. It’s all about gadgets, gears, airships, and goggles … lots and lots of goggles. Honestly, this was the look of our shows long before we’d ever heard the term steampunk. We’ve always been about adventure, travel, old-time trunks, mysterious lighthouses, secret books, and hot air balloons. Plus, steampunk embraces invention, imagination, wonder, humor, and creativity, which are elements we try to bring to all of our shows. We also like to think of ourselves as modern day vaudevillians, thus the slapstick part of Slapstick Steampunk.

Do you do workshops and residencies?

Yes! We LOVE doing workshops for both kids and adults. Our workshops for kids include hands-on creative writing/storytelling workshops where the kids actually get to create a story as they physically act it out. We also do hands-on S.T.E.A.M. workshops, juggling workshops, improv, and video storytelling workshops for kids. The residencies expand on the shorter workshops and can be designed to fit your program needs. Workshops for teachers, librarians, and parents include crafts, games, and activities that all relate to kid’s books (90 minute, half-day, and full day versions are available). Creativity Workshops, Storytelling, and Video Production workshops are also available. Please go HERE for more info.

How do the videos work?

When we’re not performing, we produce videos and television. Most of it is for kids, but there’s some fun stuff for adults as well. We have three FREE web series that anyone can watch OR download and use in your school, library, theater, whatever. Our Book SmARTS and Crafts series is geared to librarians, teachers, and parents. It’s filled with over 65 DIY crafts, games, and activities to do with kids from pre-k to teens. Big Test Success has fifteen 3 minute episodes that were originally designed to help kids deal with standardized test stress. The activities and exercises are great for all aspects of life and help with growth mindset and social emotional skills. This is ONLY a TEST! is an iParenting Media Award winning series and has forty 3 minute episodes that also cover stress management techniques, as well as language arts skills. We also work with other fabulous folks and have created videos for the Travel Channel, Scholastic, The International Reading Association, The Collaborative Summer Reading Program, The State Library of Florida, Resource Depot, and more. Our videos can be found at our sister site StoryologyStudios.com.

Do you have study guides for your shows?

Yes! We have comprehensive study guides for each show. Click on the links ON EACH SHOW’S PAGE for a PDF for each production.

Can I download photos, blurbs, press releases, and other promo material?

We’ll have a downloads page up soon. In the meantime please go to our CONTACT PAGE and send us an email.

Where can I see a show?

We travel to theaters and schools nationally (and internationally). Check out our CALENDAR for upcoming performances.

What kind of space do you need for a show?

Our stories are SUPERSIZED, so we prefer a stage of at least 20’ x 20’. However, some of our shows can be condensed for smaller spaces.

What age group are your shows appropriate for?

Our shows are appropriate for pre-k-5th grade. Obviously, that’s a wide age range. For school performance we like to break up the kids into pre-k-2nd and 3rd-5th. Some of our shows work best for younger audiences, and some for older audiences. Please contact us directly to discuss which show(s) are best for your crowd by going to our CONTACT PAGE and send us an email.

Riley is an author? Where can I find her books?

You can order Riley’s picture book, THE GREAT PIZZA CONTEST HERE. Riley’s middle grade novel (ages 9-13) is currently being shopped to publishers.  The books she’s writing for Heinemann Publishing/Fountas and Pinnell (a division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) are hush-hush right now, but will be coming out soon. For more info, please send Riley an email with your contact info and she’ll let you know when her books are coming out. Go to our CONTACT PAGE and send us an email.

Can we buy the Pizza book in bulk for all of our students?

Absolutely! Go to our CONTACT PAGE and send us an email.

How long are the shows?

The shows are all about one hour. However the length can be modified for schools with time constraints.

Do you do meet and greets after the show?

Yes! We love getting up close and personal with our audiences.

How far will you travel for a show?

We’re based in Florida, but we do shows all over the country…and beyond! We recently did tours in Canada and China.

What are your technical requirements?

Go to our CONTACT PAGE and send us an email to ask about tech riders.

Do you send out a newsletter?

Yes! The Storyology Ezine comes out quarterly (mostly) and is filled with storytelling activities, crafts, author interviews, and info about our upcoming performances. To get on our list please

Go to our CONTACT PAGE and send us an email. Include your name and email address and we’ll hook you up!

Are Kenny and Page Turner (a.k.a. Riley Roam) married?

We sure are! And we neeeeeeeever get on each other’s nerves. Never! Okay, maybe once in a while. The truth is we LOVE working, traveling, and adventuring together.

Have a question we haven’t answered?

Go to our CONTACT PAGE and send us an email.