F.A.Q.s for VIRTUAL Summer Library Program


What platform will you be using for the presentations? Since different libraries use varied platforms to connect with their patrons, we’re making the content available on a password protected subscription service on our website. Members (librarians) can access this content and make it available to their patrons in various ways.

  1. With Facebook, you can use several methods: (click the link below for details)
    -A CLOSED Facebook group (preferred method)
    -Facebook Premiere
    -Facebook Watch Party
  2. Librarians can also embed these videos on their library’s website or another closed platform of their choosing.
  3. Create “events” to share the content. You can host multiple events with the same content, but we do not want the content to just be readily available permanently in a PUBLIC setting where anyone can find and access it.

We’re trying to make this program as easily accessible to your patrons, yet on an exclusive basis to your library system. Thank you for your assistance. You may see this page change as we find new security features that we want to implement.

GO HERE for more information about airing the videos.

I signed up for the program; how do I access the videos?  

GO HERE for information about accessing the videos.

For tech support, contact AMY at Support@PageTurnerAdventures.com.

Will I be able to tell how many patrons “participate” in a program? 
YES. We understand how important analytics are to gauging the success of a program. Using a closed FaceBook group will give you those numbers.

Are the programs live or recorded?
For the most part, the programs will be pre-recorded. If you choose to purchase an interactive session or personalized show, we can live-host and/or interact with patrons in real-time. This will allow us to keep the production value high and make the safest viewing experience for audiences. 

Will there be downloadable handouts for the activities? 
YES! We’ll also provide lists of craft materials and recipe ingredients for libraries that would like to provide “Take & Make” kits for their patrons.

What if my program starts later than June 1st?
You can choose to air the videos at any time that’s convenient for you. The dates listed for each theme week are when the videos will be available. For example, if your program starts on June 22nd, you can still choose to begin with Week #1: Imagine Your Fairytale Story. In fact, we would suggest starting with that week as a kick-off.

Are the programs only available at a certain time each day? What if I want a different time? 
This is another reason for pre-recorded content. We want you to be able to post the programming at a time that’s good for you.

How long do we get access to the content?
You and your patrons will have access to the programming for the entire summer! NOTE: We originally were only allowing access for 7 days, but we realize this is difficult to manage. You’ll be able to keep the videos up until September 1, 2020.

Can I air all five videos at once?
Yes! While, we designed the program to air Mon-Friday, you can choose to post all the videos at once if that’s easier for you and your patrons.

When does the program start?
The PROGRAM begins on June 1st. However, you can start on any date (after June 1st) that works for you!

How can I promote this? 
Each week, we’ll create a promo video for the upcoming week of content that you can share with your patrons to get them excited about upcoming programs. We’ll also provide you with a Social Media Pack for each week with pre-written descriptions and photos that you can use as-is or customize for your library. 

How do I sign up?
Go HERE to fill out a form with your information. We’ll be in touch with pricing and an invoice. You will be able to pay using a credit card, PayPal, or a check. Please note – access to the programming will begin only after we receive payment.

What’s the pricing?
$60 per week or $500 per library for all ten weeks for up to five libraries.
6-10 libraries $450 per library per week.
Over 10 libraries in a system CONTACT US

Can I just choose several weeks instead of the entire program?
Absolutely! But you do get a discount when you sign up for all ten weeks.

Can I start with one week and then sign up for additional weeks over the summer?
Yes. If you just want to start with a week or a few weeks and see how it goes, you can then choose to get more weeks of programming over the summer. However, the 10-week discount only applies as a one time upfront purchase.

What if I don’t want all five days of content?
We’ll make it available, but whatever you decide to use is up to you. We are charging just $60 (or less for multiple weeks and branches), so we can’t discount if you decide to use less content.  

If things go back to normal, will you start doing live shows again?
Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it! But even if we do start doing live shows again, we will continue with the online program through the rest of the summer. 

What if I want to put this on a local cable access station for folks who might not have access to wifi?
Yes, we can make this happen. Please contact us for details.

Now WE have some questions for YOU! If you are interested in this program, FILL OUT THIS FORM below. THANKS!

MORE QUESTIONS? Please call 518-732-5386 or email Riley@PageTurnerAdventures.com OR Lisa@PageTurnerAdventures.com.
For Tech Support contact Amy at Support@PageTurnerAdventures.com