The Page Turner Adventures Story…

Founded in 2000 by Jill Ross Nadler and Kenny Mikey, Page Turner Adventures is known for producing award winning video content for school districts nationwide as well as the Travel Channel, PBS, and Scholastic. In fact, Kenny and Jill met at a television studio when Jill, then a Kids’ Club Host and storyteller (known as Riley Roam), interviewed a Ringling Brothers Clown (Kenny), for her TV show.

Soon after they met, Kenny and Jill wondered what would happen if they combined Storytelling, Clowning, and Theater …and just like that, Page Turner Adventures was born! Over the years, they’ve picked up quite a few awards (don’t worry, they put them back!). But the ones that belong to them include: an Emmy, a couple of Tellys, a National iParenting Media Award, and two Communicators. And while the shiny paperweights – uh, ahem – while the *awards* are wonderful, their biggest reward comes from the pleasure of a good tale well told, and the wonder on kids’ faces when they get lost in a story.

In addition to video, Page Turner Adventures is known for Super-Sized Stage Shows that have toured nationally and internationally at libraries, schools, and theaters including, The Delaware Grand Opera House, The Wolf Trap Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods, The Kravis Center, and the Danny Kaye Theater. And the dynamic duo has also created and presented Summer Reading Program Workshops to libraries and librarians throughout Florida, New York, and Louisiana.

When the pandemic began in early 2020, Page Turner Adventures was uniquely poised to create compelling virtual content to support libraries and theaters. They partnered with Old School Square, a historic Performing Arts Center in Delray Beach, Florida to create a Virtual Summer Library Program which was used by over 500 libraries in the US and Canada. They’ve since expanded their programming to include educational content for schools which teaches Social Emotional Learning, English Language Arts, and STEM through storytelling, theater, music, art, and, of course, comedy.

They’re thrilled to work with talented artists, educators, actors, writers, puppeteers, composers, and kids to create incredible digital content that educates, entertains, and inspires. Click below to learn more about our incredible team of Storyologists and remember…When You Read, Every Day is an Adventure!