This is the Beast, the van we’ve used for the past four years to travel around the country.

When we bought it, it was exciting to have something that we could put our ever-expanding theater show into comfortably. It served us well. We’ve travelled to MANY shows with it up and down the east coast and through the Midwest, camped with it, slept in it (in a hammock!), and generally adventured with it.

It’s been tightly packed with props and bikes and love and hope. And now, as the live show part of our business winds down and we focus on video…it was time to let it go.

We sold it back to the dealer this week and shed a tear for the adventures it brought us. We’ll never forget cruising down the road, late at night, on our way to another gig, ready to unfold our props and sets to fill a stage full of color and fun. We’ll also never forget the joy of impressing stagehands with our super-human ability to fit it all back into the small, but mighty, cargo van.

It’s amazing how much of a friend this inanimate object has been to us. We created stories, drank lots of coffee, sang songs, and listened to countless audiobooks on our way to the next show.

Today, as we were clearing the remaining few items from the back, we knew it was our last load-out together. And we took a moment to cherish everything that’s happened in the past four years and to look forward to the years to come.