I know what you may be thinking – those people over at Page Turner Adventures must really love books. Well, you would be right! But you might actually be under-estimating just how much. 

Let’s rewind to 2011, when Kenny and I VOLUNTARILY spent the night in the library. And this wasn’t any college-all-night-study-session. Instead, we joined a few hundred of our book-loving friends to WRITE an entire book. 1 night, 1 book, 100 chapters, 600 pages. 

Back Up – You Did What?!

You’re right, let’s set the stage. The New York Public Library was celebrating its 100th birthday, and in celebration, 500 people (including Page Turner and Kenny Mikey!) spent the night in the library’s Stephen A. Schwarzman Building finding clues as part of a massive scavenger hunt and collectively writing a 600-page book. 

Called “Find the Future,” the task was seemingly simple – find 100 artifacts that have been selected from the library’s archives and use the information unlocked with each object to write about the future. Jill and Kenny did what they do best and hopped into the Once Upon a Time Machine and got to work. 

According to the game’s creator Jane McGonigal, writing the book in one night was a way to give people something tangible that would offer them a life-long connection to the New York Public Library. But she said the bigger goal was getting the participants to think about the future and to connect with each other.

Bringing Libraries Into the Future

In today’s digital age, we have endless information at our fingertips. While libraries serve as resources for information, the “Find the Future” game also helps remind us that libraries are about so much more than the books on the shelves – they also represent the communities they bring together. 

Just as we bonded with 498 other writers and book lovers during our all-night scavenger hunt, libraries have been bringing communities together for decades. Though we currently can’t sit around at a children’s book reading or comb the shelves for the perfect book, that doesn’t mean this resource has vanished. Libraries across the country have embraced our virtual world and continue to bring their communities together – and keep parents sane! We’d love to know how you are staying connected to your library during this time – comment below or on our social channels and shout out your favorite libraries and librarians! 
After a long night of adventuring, we were thrilled with the finished product!