When Kenny and I heard the theme for 2021 Summer Reading was Tails and Tales, we were thrilled. We’re both huge animal lovers and we were excited to create new content focused on furry, feathered, and flippered friends. 
That all came to a screeching halt last week. Ironically, it was because of an animal.
Our cat, Philo ran away.
To say we were devastated would be an understatement. We were absolutely heartbroken. For a solid week, we combed the neighborhood, posting signs and following up on each and every lead. We experienced disappointment after disappointment.
Finally, we hired a pet detective. Yup. It’s a thing. 

PI Jamie Katz came with sniffer dogs and helped plot out a perimeter of the area where Philo most likely was. She also suggested that we create a scent trail from the likely areas back to our home. For days, Kenny and I walked the neighborhood dragging our dirty laundry behind us (literally and figuratively).
I’m thrilled to say…IT WORKED!
At one minute after midnight on Saturday, I heard a meow at our screen door and there he was! He wasn’t hungry or bedraggled. He just waltzed in as if nothing happened. We were so relieved!

Where was he for a week? Who knows? A kind person probably cared for him, but the writer in me wants to believe that he slipped through a portal in the time/space continuum (cat-tinuum?).

I also love the fact that he technically showed up on Valentine’s Day. It’s kind of perfect because, in Greek, Philo means love.   
 I’m sharing this story because it has a happy ending and it shows just how powerful our connection to animals can be. I’m happy to say that Kenny and I are finally able to get back to work creating the best Virtual Summer Library Program ever.

And, yes, Jamie Katz, Pet Detective (yup, that’s her real name!) will now be a special guest.
I’m excited to share some of our other special guests, including three-time Emmy Award winning storyteller extraordinaire, Bobby Norfolk! 

And…from America’s Got Talent, we have Wesley Williams’ Puppy Pals Show.
We’ll be doing a short excerpt of Wesley’s show as part of our summer program, but if you’d like his full show (and believe me, you do!), you can find him at https://www.puppypalsshow.com/. Check out his feature below. 

Thanks to everyone who commented and sent good wishes for Philo. We still can’t quite believe he’s home and safe. He might have to have his own little feature this summer. 🙂 

As always, if you have any questions or comments (or you want to share a pet story), please feel free to email me at Jill@PageTurnerAdventures.com (Yes, I’m officially Jill these days). You can also visit our website www.PageTurnerAdventures.com.

In fun, 
Jill, Kenny, and…Philo 

“Anything is Paw-sible”
Wesley Williams has loved animals from a very young age! His mom even says he wanted to purchase a full-on petting zoo at just five years old. It was always something new she proclaimed. One month all he wanted was a potbelly pig, the next month a miniature pony, the next month a flock of chickens, you name the animal, and Wesley wanted it. Although he has always had a passion for working with animals, Wesley pursued his unique unicycle skills at an early age, but always kept that dream of working with furry friends in the back of his mind. Just two years into forming his lifelong goal of an animal act, Wesley has burst onto the scene with his “Puppy Pals,” an all-new comedic stunt dog show! 

Wesley and his Puppy Pals are available for Virtual Library Shows.
Visit his website at PuppyPalsShow.com
 954-531-7256 info@puppypalsshow.com