What is 

Storybook Steampunk?  

Love this image by Igor Morski

Love this image by Igor Morski

It’s a term we made up to describe the world of

 Page Turner Adventures

Page Turner Adventures' Once Upon a Time Machine

Page Turner Adventures’ Once Upon a Time Machine at the Hoover Theater, Hoover, Alabama

You’ve probably heard the term steampunk. It’s actually seeping into pop culture quite a lot these days.

There’s even a new TV show called Steampunk’d.
Still, when asked to define steampunk, people will usually answer with a vague: “It’s kind of old meets knew with a Victorian twist and lots of gadgets. You know, kind of like if Mad Max and Jane Austen had a baby.” (Which is a pretty accurate description, if you ask me!).
steampunk flying machines
I like the short definition from The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences:
Steampunk is modern technology-iPads, computers, robotics, air travel-powered by steam and set in the 1800’s.”
Even if it’s hard to define, you know it when you see it. Think:
Gears and clockwork, Brass and Copper. Goggles and Airships. Pocketwatches and gadgets. Jules Verne and HG Wells.

Why did we choose this feel for Page Turner Adventures?

Steampunk embraces adventure, innovation, curiosity, inventiveness, and strong female heroines…all things we try to bring to our
Comedy Adventure shows for family audiences.
Riley Roam as World Famous Storyologist, Page Turner

Riley Roam as World Famous Storyologist, Page Turner

Why Storybook Steampunk?
Well sometimes steampunk can get a bit dark…ray guns, evil robots, etc.
Kenny Mikey as....Kenny Mikey (Storyologist-in-Training)

Kenny Mikey as….Kenny Mikey (Storyologist-in-Training)

We like to embrace the playful, fun side of steampunk–steampunk light if you will.
The kind you might find in a storybook about an airship that drops a mysterious key, which opens a magical trunk to reveal….well, you get the idea.
magical book