We’re gearing up through our June tour throughout the South. In July we’ll head to New York, New Jersey, and…VEGAS, baby! We’ll be doing our Comedy Story Theater Shows, but all the shows will focus on Summer Reading. 

Uni with Book

How can you get kids excited to read over the summer? Come to one of our shows, of course (you can see our calendar HERE). But if you can’t make a show OR if you’re looking for other fun ways to encourage Summer Reading check out our unofficial TOP FIVE list below.



1. Visit the library: Most public libraries have summer reading programs, incentives, and activities at NO COST! It’s the best deal in town.

 2. Check out a museum: Children’s museums, Science Museums, History Museums, and local historic sites are interesting, fun and chock full of “reading-in-the-wild” opportunities.

3. Cook with Your Kids: Recipes are a great way to practice reading and math skills.

4. Read Out Loud: Even older kids enjoy and benefit from hearing books read out loud. No time? Download an audio books from the library.

 5. Try a DIY Craft that relates to a book: Not sure what to do? No worries. We have you covered. Check out our BOOK SMARTS & CRAFTS WEB SERIES HERE. The series was originally created as part of the outreach for library summer reading programs. There are tons of crafts, games, recipes, and activities that all correspond to a children’s book.