Folks in the town 
rattlebone rock 4

Still talk of the night

When the moon on the graveyard

Shone so bright

That the spirits there

Made the tombstones knock

And the beat began for the Rattlebone Rock.


Rattlebone Rock

And so begins RATTLEBONE ROCK, one of my all time favorite Halloween books for kids. And I’mnot just saying that because author, Sylvia Andrews is a good friend and one of my writing critique buddies!  RATTLEBONE ROCK is a rollicking, fun holiday rhyme that will have kids movin’ and groovin’, and burning off all that candy.  It’s great for library story-times, or a fun beginning for a Halloween bash. So gather all the boys and ghouls together for the perfect holiday treat.


Sylvia Andrews

Sylvia Andrews

*Unfortunately, the book is now out of print. But you can order copies directly from Sylvia (she might even sign it for you).  If you’re interested, please leave a message in the comments. Happy Halloween!