testimonials_clip_image014Kenny Mikey and Riley Roam of Page Turner Adventures have presented hundreds workshops throughout Florida, Louisiana and New York since 2006. Geared to either kids or adults, the workshops are fun, interactive, and informative. Half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshops, and weeklong residencies are available. Corresponding hand-outs, on-line resources, and videos are included with all of the programs.

As an author Riley is able to convey her passion for writing to both kids and adults with one-of-a-kind interactive programming. Kenny’s background in improvisation, clowning, and video-storytelling make the residencies an experience students and teachers will never forget.

The workshops below (for children AND adults) can be mixed, matched, and customized for residencies, book weeks, and conferences. For more information please CONTACT US.


Storyology Workshop: Interactive Creative writing/storytelling

book_week1-7825 wide arms wide

2016-02-23 13.41.27The STORYOLOGY workshop includes creative writing/storytelling and improvisation activities where the kids actually get to create a story as they physically act it out. Along the way they learn about character, setting, plot, conflict, story structure, character arc, tone, and more. Kids are empowered to see themselves as writers when their own ideas are incorporated directly into the story. Longer programs and residencies include writing activities.


1st-2nd Grade

3rd-5th Grade

Workshops are 30-45 minutes and can be part of a longer residency program.


S.T.E.A.M. Workshop: The Science of Stories (and movies)

book_week4-0121How do movies work? What’s the science behind the phenomenon? What technology did early cinematographers and storytellers invent to exploit this trick? How were those devices engineered? How is math integral to movie making? These questions are more are explored in this fun workshop that explores the STEAM of movie making. Kids will use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math as they create their Thaumatropes and Phenokistoskopes some of the earliest forms of movie magic. Everyone will get to create their own mini-animation and see how STEAM impacts all areas of their life. This workshop is the perfect companion to the STEAM family show.


1st-3rd grades

4-6th   grades



The Positive Power of Juggling:

juggle 1Discover the 5 “P’s” of Juggling: Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, Positivity, and Phun.

Kids will learn that juggling starts in the mind and see how the attitude, attention, focus, and growth mindset necessary to master this ancient skill can relate to the rest of their lives. Everyone will start with juggling scarves and, depending on the time frame, progress to balls. Again, based on time, space, age groups, and budget, a “make-your-own-juggling-balls” craft can be added to the workshop.

3rd grade and up



Book SmARTS and Crafts-Creative Literacy Workshop

For six years, Page Turner Adventures developed and presented Summer Reading Program workshops for libraries and librarians throughout Florida, Louisiana, and New York. This workshop includes “The Best Of” projects, games, crafts, puppets and stories from those programs. These out-of-the-box activities all relate to children’s books. This program is perfect for librarians, media specialists, teachers, parents, and anyone else interested in fun, creative ways to get kids excited about books and reading.

"This was the most informative and entertaining workshop I have ever attended!" Cindy Alfred, Shreve Memorial Library
PLAY THE VIDEO ABOVE to see how much FUN the workshops are!

Team Building Improvisation Workshop

Jeanie 2

Saying YES is the basis of all improv – accepting what you’re presented with and building on that. This workshop will get attendees saying “yes” instinctively. They’ll learn how to maximize their team players’ talents as well as their own, build confidence and think more creatively. It IS improv, but it’s not about being funny! It’s about having fun while developing confidence, creativity, and communication skills. We’ll play games, solve puzzles, make up stories and support and applaud for each other all day long.

“I thoroughly enjoyed every bit! Well thought out. Well prepared and presented!” Annette McLemore, Bienville Parish

The team-building workshop involves:

Building communication skills

Bringing out the best in others

Positive collaboration

Problem Solving

Storytelling Training for Adults

testimonials_clip_image004This workshop includes performance training in vocal and facial techniques, body awareness, audience participation, crowd management and story development and selection, as well as techniques for incorporating unique props into the presentation.

Attendees will learn traditional techniques as well as the Page Turner Adventures style of storytelling, in which the entire audience is the main character of the story and is participating throughout.

The workshops are very hands-on and participants leave having mastered at least one new story, along with multiple handouts and resources to help further develop their new skills.

“Fantastic! Good information, great energy, and lots of fun. Excellent audience participation. Wonderfully balanced presentation. Good balance of playfulness and useful information.” Amy Walmsley, Natchitoches Parish Library

Creativity Workshop

testimonials_clip_image008Be prepared to have fun, and get messy in this hands-on workshop designed to help participants explore and unleash their creativity.  Activities include: improv games, storytelling, art projects, short videos and more.

Attendees will get a step-by-step guide on how to foster creative thinking on a daily basis, encourage creativity in others, and simply look at the world from a different viewpoint. Participants will leave this workshop feeling happy, inspired, confident, and with a game plan on how to avoid procrastinating and just CREATE!