Good Books, Good Times

I was going through my bookshelves today and came across an autographed copy of GOOD BOOKS, GOOD TIMES with poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins. I forgot how much I enjoy the poems in this little gem. It’s was the perfect inspiration for me as I begin prepping for a Book SmARTS and Crafts workshop […]

Great Halloween Book for Kids!

Kids (and adults!) will love HOW THEY CROAKED: THE AWFUL ENDS OF THE AWFULLY FAMOUS. What a great way to learn about historical figures. Who knew that Beethoven died of lead poisoning? The book really isn’t quite as morbid as it sounds. Author Georgia Bragg keeps the tone light, upbeat and funny (but still respectful). […]

Bean There, Done That

FEATURED CREATIVE LITERACY ACTIVITY: Bean There, Done That   Here are two fun creative literacy activities to go along with The Lima Bean Monster by Dan Yaccarino.     Sammy hates lima beans despite the fact that he has never eaten a single one in his entire life. When he decides to bury them in a […]

Storyseeking: Read and Write Your Way to Adventure!

FEATURED ARTICLE Storyseeking: Read and Write Your Way to Adventure!   When I was a kid, I loved scavenger hunts. All I needed was a list with a bunch of strange things to gather and I was in heaven.    I’d imagine that I was on a mythic quest searching for viking treasure and pirate […]