Bean There, Done That

FEATURED CREATIVE LITERACY ACTIVITY: Bean There, Done That   Here are two fun creative literacy activities to go along with The Lima Bean Monster by Dan Yaccarino.     Sammy hates lima beans despite the fact that he has never eaten a single one in his entire life. When he decides to bury them in a […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Create

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Create   Turning Waste Into Wonder Packing foam, paint chips, used file folders, old VHS tapes, empty cardboard tubes, fabric scraps…some might see these things as garbage. The folks at Resource Depot see airplanes, picture frames, purses, bracelets, models of Mesopotamia, and an endless supply of art materials.  Things that would normally wind up […]


FAIRYTALE HATS  From our Summer Reading Program Manual

WORRY DOLLS take your troubles away!

The Story  According to legend, if you tell your troubles to a Guatemalan worry doll then place it under your pillow, your worries will be gone by morning. These small, colorful dolls date back to Mayan traditions. They’re typically about one inch tall, made from a small piece of wood and dressed in scraps of clothing and yarn. More than […]