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Page Turner Adventures presents professional theater productions for in-school assemblies that combine
Comedy + Circus + Storytelling + Curriculum Connections.

During the show, all the kids in the audience are transformed into Storyologists.  They solve problems, overcome obstacles, and use critical thinking and literacy skills to impact the outcome of the story.  After the show, students are inducted into the Storyologist Society where they can access videos, games, stories, crafts and other activities that encourage them to read and write fearless feats of fact and fiction.




2 FAIRYTALES giant spoonPage Turner Adventures is a professional theater company that’s wowed young audiences for over fifteen years.   The Emmy Award Winning team features author and storyteller, Riley Roam as the intrepid Storyologist, Page Turner, and former Ringling Bros. Clown, Kenny Mikey as her slapstick sidekick.  Based in Palm Beach County, Florida, Riley and Kenny travel the world with their Super Sized Stories.  They’ve performed at theaters nationwide including: The Kravis Center, The Broward Center, The Wolf Trap Theater, the Delaware Grand Opera House, and the Danny Kaye Theater in NYC.  Internationally they’ve worked with the Concordia School in Shanghai, and look forward to spending a month in Hong Kong this spring performing at multiple international schools.


2017-2018 Shows   (click show titles for videos & more info)5 PAGE TURNER ADVENTURES FAIRYGODMOTHER w GEAR lance shores

The Mixed-Up Fairytale
Everyone in the audience participates in this comical quest to break a spell placed on Sleeping Beauty.  Along the way, the kids must persuade Red Riding Hood to give up her cape, discover the secret under grandma’s bed, and retrieve a golden spoon from a REAL 10 foot tall giant! Students will recognize their favorite storybook characters in this hilarious fractured fairytale.

Grades: pre-k-2nd  (Perfect for 2nd Grade Fairytale Units)
Run Time: 45-50 minutes
Curriculum Connections*: Writing, Storytelling, Sequencing, Predicting, Problem Solving, Plot, Character, Setting, Story Structure, Ask and Answer Questions



The Magnificent Circus Mysteryjuggle 1
A steamer trunk, a mysterious book, and a hat belonging to Harry Houdini begin this outrageous show filled with magic, juggling, unicycling and physical comedy.  The audience must solve clues, overcome obstacles, predict, infer, and figure out a ninety-year-old-secret as they help to create the story from beginning to end. Based on real characters, the kids in the audience are empowered to write about people and events in their own lives, while discovering how authors develop story ideas.

Grades: 3rd-5th
Run Time: 50 minutes
Curriculum Connections*: Writing, Story Structure, Character Arc, Predicting, Inference, Author’s Intent, Theme, Setting, Character, Conflict, Theater Arts, Fiction/Non-fiction

VINCENTThe Great Pizza Contest
Audience members are transformed into the citizens of Mozzarella and help Mayor Ann Chovi decide who makes the best pizza in town—Vincent Van Dough or Leonardo Da Munchi? The kids’ ideas are brought to life instantaneously as they’re incorporated directly into the story. Hilarity delivered guaranteed in this tasty tale of conflict resolution based on the book by Riley Roam.

Grades: pre-k-2nd & 3rd-5th (in different assemblies)
Time: 50 minutes
Curriculum Connections*: Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Creative Writing, Author’s Intent, Storytelling, Beginning Middle End, Setting, Character, Plot



1 LOBOTOs LAB kid w oozeWhen a mad scientist tries to take over the world, the kids in the audience must put their knowledge of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) to the test. Everyone participates in the most outrageous multi-media game show ever as they conduct slimy experiments, race balloon rockets, play techno tag, and join a science circus in a comic quest to thwart Dr. Loboto’s hilarious nefarious plans for world domination.

Grades: 2nd-5th
Time: 60-70 minutes
Curriculum Connections*: Science (Chemical Reactions, Catalysts), Technology, Engineering (Centripetal Force, Thrust, Balance, Center of Gravity,)  Math (Pi, Circumference, Radius, Measurement), Vocabulary, Art
Note: There is an extra fee for this show.

This multi-media media show presents practical, stress-busting techniques, test-taking strategies and confidence-boosting exercises that help kids reduce test-anxiety, develop positive attitudes, and feel prepared for BIG TESTS! It’s Jim Carrey meets Tony Robbins in a one-of-a-kind show that gives kids (and adults!) practical exercises they can use to combat anxiety and feel more positive IN ANY SITUATION.

Grades: 1st-5th
Time: 55-60 minutes
Topics Covered Include:
Mindfulness Activities, Stress Management Skills, Positive Thinking Techniques, Anxiety Busting Exercises, Test-Taking Strategies

People are saying:

5 KENNY TOON 2017150“Our students and staff were so impressed with your production. We appreciated that you were able to seamlessly adjust the level of your show for our upper grade classes. We loved how you entertained them while they learned academic content!”
-Dawn Kollmer, Reading Consultant, North Elementary, Brentwood, NY

 “Our students and teachers LOVE your shows! They’re professional, fun, educational and support what we’re doing in the classroom.”
-Linda Marlow, 2nd Grade Teacher, Lighthouse Elementary, Jupiter, Florida

“Page Turner Adventures’ performance was the best assembly we’ve ever had at our school!”
-Monica Jones-Harvey, Assistant Principal, Johnson Primary School, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

“You helped our kids see what it looks like to put together a story because they themselves were part of the story.”
-Christina Dominique-Pierre, Media Specialist, Concordia International School, Shanghai, China

“Kids can’t help but be empowered as they use their creative and critical thinking skills to move the story forward.”
-Meredith Crawford, MLIS, Lafayette, Louisiana

“Even the adults could not contain their laughter at the giant with the golden spoon! Page Turner Adventures also teaches students about the importance of reading and using their imagination.  I recommend them highly.”
-Dr. Julie Hopkins, Principal, Lighthouse Elementary, Jupiter, Florida

How it Works

  • 6 PAGE TOON 2017 200We prefer working on a stage, however we can usually adjust the set to work in other spaces.
  • Shows include posters, study guides* and Storyologist membership cards, as well as access to over one hundred videos that focus on language arts skills, test-taking, stress management, creative literacy ideas, and more.
    *Specific Standards are addressed in the study guides.
  • We bring everything including a full sound system and microphones.
  • Family Night and Book Fair Shows are also available.
  • Explore this site for more information and go HERE for FAQs.