This is ONLY A Test! Morning Messages DVD Series and eBook

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“Zap Standardized Test Stress with levity and laughter. This is ONLY a Test! is an iParenting Media Award winning series that uses physical comedy, puppetry, and funny sketches to teach COMMON CORE language arts concepts, test taking techniques, and stress management skills. The school version includes 40 short videos (3 minutes each) designed to air on the morning announcements in elementary. Play one-a-day every morning before the Big Test.

The DVD includes a Digital Ebook with corresponding activities, writing prompts, and hand-outs. Common Core Language Arts Topics Included, PLUS lots of Stress Management Strategies and Test Taking Skills.

* Price includes duplication rights for the ebook and site license for broadcast within the school.

** If you are a TV station or ITV station and you’re interested in broadcasting the series within your community or school district, please contact us directly for licensing information.”


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