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PIZZA book FRONT2Get The Great Pizza Contest by Riley Roam (Page Turner’s alter ego) here! It’s the tale of two feuding pizza makers,  Vincent Van Dough and Leonardo Di Munchi. Vincent thinks the dough is the best part of the pizza and Leonardo thinks it’s the sauce! The mayor’s daughter, Anne Chovi holds “The Great Pizza Contest” in the town of Mozzarella to find out who really makes the best pizza in town!

This hilarious tale of conflict resolution is funny, punny and full of outrageous characters. And it’s even a LIVE STAGE SHOW! Order the book from our website and receive $5.00 off the retail price of $15.00.

The Great Pizza Contest PRICE: $10.00 (plus shipping)

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7 Proven Methods to Help Kids Calm Down, Feel Better and Score Higher on Standardized Tests!

Over and over we’ve heard stories about young kids getting migraines, throwing-up and bursting into tears because of test stress. Yuck! No one wants to feel like that. Not only is it unhealthy, but it has a direct effect on test scores. Children simply cannot do their best when they’re freaking out! In fact, many of the stories we heard were about straight A students that knew the information, yet scored poorly because they were derailed by test anxiety.

Whether or not you believe that standardized tests are the best way to assess children is a question for another book. For now, the tests exist and it’s important for kids to learn how to DO their best and FEEL their best when they take them. And the truth is, there are always going to be stressful situations in life. Learning the skills necessary to with difficult situations is an important skill that will serve children well beyond the big test.

This report is full of information, tips and tricks we’ve presented to students in our live shows and video series over the years to help them calm down, relax, and remember…This is ONLY a Test!

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