We Won a Telly Award!

So… Page Turner Adventures presents Live Comedy Adventure shows for family audience, right? Yes. Yes, we do. But…we also have a sister company called STORYOLOGY STUDIOS, which produces video and television projects for family audiences. And…. Storyology Studios just won a Telly Award for a promo video produced for Galaxy Elementary School. A Telly is […]

Five Fun Ways to Encourage Summer Reading

We’re gearing up through our June tour throughout the South. In July we’ll head to New York, New Jersey, and…VEGAS, baby! We’ll be doing our Comedy Story Theater Shows, but all the shows will focus on Summer Reading.  How can you get kids excited to read over the summer? Come to one of our shows, […]

The Importance of Creativity with Peter Reynolds

Several years ago, Kenny and I were “video hosts” for the International Reading Association Conference. It was amazing. We got the chance to meet incredible educators AND speak with some of our heroes in the kidlit world! Including (drum roll please)….Author/Illustrator/Media Guru extraordinaire, Peter Reynolds!! He’s an amazing guy who is absolutely passionate about creativity, […]

Our Award Winning Children’s Videos are Now an Online WEB SERIES!

Hey, did you notice that we no longer have a products page on our Page Turner Adventures web site? That’s because we’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and make all our CHILDREN’S VIDEOS available FOR FREE! Yup, that’s right. I said it. THIS IS ONLY A TEST!, BIG TEST SUCCESS, and BOOK SMARTS […]

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Ahem….hellooo…tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on? Okay, I’m a bit embarrassed that I’ve fallen off the blog posting wagon these past few months. Okay, FIVE MONTHS since my last Page Turner Adventures post. There, I’ve said it. The truth is we’ve been crazy busy over here at Page Turner Adventures. We started a new […]

The STEAM Trunk Circus-Storybook Steampunk Set in Progress

Things are moving full STEAM ahead for the STEAM Trunk Circus Transmedia project!!! We’re so excited about where this is going. Love working with indiegogo, because we’re able to use the funds right away as they come in. That’s enabling us to bring in an amazing team to build our Storybook Steampunk style set. Here […]

STEAM TRUNK CIRCUS Indiegogo Campaign

So excited about our new indiegogo campaign. Please click the link to see what it’s all about and support creativity in education! Please help us spread the word by sharing it directly from the Indiegogo page. Thanks!! Go to  http://bit.ly/15fsn3n    

Help Kids Turn Negative Voices into Cheerleaders!

“You’re not smart enough!”   “You won’t do well on this test!”  “Your clothes are funny!” Learning how to manage and deal with inner bullies can impact self-esteem, stress levels, and overall happiness! In our videos, we often talk about negative voices in terms of test stress. In fact, we personified (or puppet-onified!) negative voices […]

Zombie Tag-A Fun Game for Halloween (or any time of the year!)

Zombie Tag is a great game for Halloween or any time you need to bring a little life (or death) to a party. It’s also a great team-building game because the group has to work together to tag the other players. Make it a Book SmARTS activity and Read: A Zombie’s Guide to the Human […]

Global Day of Play inspired by Caine’s Arcade

Today is a Global Day of Play. How will you celebrate? We’ll be at the A-Maz-ing Cardboard Challenge at Pleasant City’s Blum Park inspired by Caine’s Arcade. Caine is an awesome little boy who built an arcade out of cardboard and inspired the world! Caine’s Arcade

Earth Day Videos

Recycle Rap and Energy Emission Song Several years ago, Kenny and I produced two videos for the Palm Beach County School District about recycling and emissions. They’ve graciously allowed us to share these videos with others to help get the word out about these important topics. Please feel free to show these videos to kids […]


GOCK PUPPETS: (Gothic Sock Puppets)   Gocks are an absolute blast to make!!! All you need are some socks (preferably black!), some glue, googly eyes, safety pins, and any embellishments or decorations you can find. Kids can even make their own gock puppet video. Like the one below which was written, shot and edited by two […]