I love to laugh! Heck, I married a clown. Well, former clown. As Kenny is fond of saying, he ran away from the circus and joined a home! Anyway, so much of what we do is about making kids laugh. It seems simple, but lately I’m realizing how true that really is. I’ve been reading […]


I’m a “Storyologist” so of course I love words. Funny words.  Weird words.  Tasty words.  My favorite is my WORD OF THE YEAR. A WORD OF THE YEAR replaces a long list of resolutions and with a single, juicy word.  It can be any word that has meaning for you. Often it’s a concept that […]

Upside Down Fruit Bat Craft

  This is a great craft for Halloween! You can also make it a Creative Literacy Activity and do it along with the book Bats at the Library by Brian Lies. This project originally came from the book Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Rainforests by Kathy Ross.    Materials Old adult-size brown sock Light brown craft foam or […]

How to Make Great Slime!

It’s October! Time to get ready for Halloween with some slime! Below is a great recipe. We made this stuff with our 10 year old niece, Chloe and 6 year old nephew, Colby a few weeks ago and they had an absolute blast!!Materials                                                                                                   Corn starch (about ¼ cup)Water (about ¼ cup)A bowl for mixingFood coloring Measuring Cups […]

We’re making it Pirate WEEK!

Ahoy! Kenny here. Okay, so, after Riley posted about the pirate map yesterday, I found a treasure trove of OOOOOOOOLLLLDD videos when I was a Kid’s Club host in Madison, Wisconsin and I did a few spots about The Mutiny on the Bounty. (BTW, that was actually my parrot! His name was Freddy.) This was my […]

5 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas to Encourage Reading!

Here are 5 fun, creative ideas to get kids reading! 1. Crank Up the Karaoke Kids have so much fun doing karaoke they won’t even realize they’re reading! Visit garage sales for inexpensive machines (you’ll find them beside the fondue pots and bread makers) or just print out the lyrics to your children’s favorite music and […]