Hey! This is one of many videos we produced for a recent series on Repurposing trash into art! Check it out!

Who Was Aloha Wanderwell?

AHOLA WANDERWELL THE MOST TRAVELED GIRL IN THE WORLD Have you heard of Aloha Wanderwell? No? Neither had I. Then I started reading her memoir, A Call to Adventure, and I thought … how in the world did I not know about this person? Aloha was an explorer, filmmaker, actress, vaudevillian, aviatrix, author, and essentially, the model […]

Love for Louisiana

This past June, Kenny and I did a tour of Louisiana Libraries. We performed in 24 libraries in 12 parishes over a two-and-a-half-week period. We’ve done this tour in the past, so it was a chance for us to see old friends and meet lots of new ones. We LOVE Louisiana! The food, the culture, […]

Book Week at Concordia International School in Shanghai

We were thrilled when Media Specialist Extraordinaire, Christina Dominique-Pierre contacted us to perform for BOOK WEEK at the Concordia International School in Shanghai, China! When she told us her plans: five different shows, a family night, workshops for pre-k-4th, workshops for teachers, giant puzzles based on our shows, Storyology passports for every student, and a […]

What is Storybook Steampunk?

What is  Storybook Steampunk?   It’s a term we made up to describe the world of  Page Turner Adventures You’ve probably heard the term steampunk. It’s actually seeping into pop culture quite a lot these days. There’s even a new TV show called Steampunk’d. Still, when asked to define steampunk, people will usually answer with a vague: “It’s […]

Five Fun Ways to Encourage Summer Reading

We’re gearing up through our June tour throughout the South. In July we’ll head to New York, New Jersey, and…VEGAS, baby! We’ll be doing our Comedy Story Theater Shows, but all the shows will focus on Summer Reading.  How can you get kids excited to read over the summer? Come to one of our shows, […]

Page Turner Adventures’ Northern Tour

Wow! We just returned from a whirlwind tour of the North. It was lovely getting to see the trees change, and meeting so many wonderful kids, teachers, principals, administrators, parents, and theater presenters. We performed in schools and theaters in NY, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Delaware, and had a chance to showcase at the Ohio Arts Presenters […]

Page Turner’s new Steampunk Trike!

Rattlebone Rock ROCKS!

Folks in the town  Still talk of the night When the moon on the graveyard Shone so bright That the spirits there Made the tombstones knock And the beat began for the Rattlebone Rock. BOOMA-BOOM!  BOOMA-BOOM! And so begins RATTLEBONE ROCK, one of my all time favorite Halloween books for kids. And I’mnot just saying that […]

Vision Boards Revisited and the Importance They Hold

About a year ago, I wrote a piece about vision boards for kids. It had almost left my mind until the other day when our Page Turner Adventures website received a ping from a Teach 100 ranked education blogger Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. She wrote a blog called Dream-Driven Education where she talked about the importance […]

Positive Pages

Positive Pages In the article and video above, we talk about the importance of a positive attitude! But HOW can kids start to have a positive attitude? They can start with POSITIVE PAGES! This is a riff on the idea of a gratitude journal. But the idea is to train kids to see the positive side […]

WORRY DOLLS take your troubles away!

The Story  According to legend, if you tell your troubles to a Guatemalan worry doll then place it under your pillow, your worries will be gone by morning. These small, colorful dolls date back to Mayan traditions. They’re typically about one inch tall, made from a small piece of wood and dressed in scraps of clothing and yarn. More than […]