Page Turner Adventures’ Fall Tour

Traveling is one of the best parts of being a Storyologist. We’re hitting the road for points North (and South) this fall. Here are our upcoming tour dates. Hopefully, we’ll be somewhere near you. If so, stop by and say HI!         October 23rd 9:30AM South Lewis High School, Turin, NY- The […]

Who Was Aloha Wanderwell?

AHOLA WANDERWELL THE MOST TRAVELED GIRL IN THE WORLD Have you heard of Aloha Wanderwell? No? Neither had I. Then I started reading her memoir, A Call to Adventure, and I thought … how in the world did I not know about this person? Aloha was an explorer, filmmaker, actress, vaudevillian, aviatrix, author, and essentially, the model […]

Book Week at Concordia International School in Shanghai

We were thrilled when Media Specialist Extraordinaire, Christina Dominique-Pierre contacted us to perform for BOOK WEEK at the Concordia International School in Shanghai, China! When she told us her plans: five different shows, a family night, workshops for pre-k-4th, workshops for teachers, giant puzzles based on our shows, Storyology passports for every student, and a […]

Shanghai, here we come!

Looking forward to our upcoming trip to the Concordia International School in Shanghai, China!    

What is Storybook Steampunk?

What is  Storybook Steampunk?   It’s a term we made up to describe the world of  Page Turner Adventures You’ve probably heard the term steampunk. It’s actually seeping into pop culture quite a lot these days. There’s even a new TV show called Steampunk’d. Still, when asked to define steampunk, people will usually answer with a vague: “It’s […]

We Won a Telly Award!

So… Page Turner Adventures presents Live Comedy Adventure shows for family audience, right? Yes. Yes, we do. But…we also have a sister company called STORYOLOGY STUDIOS, which produces video and television projects for family audiences. And…. Storyology Studios just won a Telly Award for a promo video produced for Galaxy Elementary School. A Telly is […]

Five Fun Ways to Encourage Summer Reading

We’re gearing up through our June tour throughout the South. In July we’ll head to New York, New Jersey, and…VEGAS, baby! We’ll be doing our Comedy Story Theater Shows, but all the shows will focus on Summer Reading.  How can you get kids excited to read over the summer? Come to one of our shows, […]

Our Award Winning Children’s Videos are Now an Online WEB SERIES!

Hey, did you notice that we no longer have a products page on our Page Turner Adventures web site? That’s because we’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and make all our CHILDREN’S VIDEOS available FOR FREE! Yup, that’s right. I said it. THIS IS ONLY A TEST!, BIG TEST SUCCESS, and BOOK SMARTS […]

Page Turner Adventures’ Northern Tour

Wow! We just returned from a whirlwind tour of the North. It was lovely getting to see the trees change, and meeting so many wonderful kids, teachers, principals, administrators, parents, and theater presenters. We performed in schools and theaters in NY, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Delaware, and had a chance to showcase at the Ohio Arts Presenters […]


Loving my new Storybook Steampunk Trike! It’s the only way to travel. These photos were taken at Guild Hall at the John Drew Theatre in East Hampton, NY. It’s a BEAUTIFUL theater, and we had an absolute blast.

Page Turner’s new Steampunk Trike!

Your Brain on Stories

Love this article about the power of storytelling on our brains! Of course, this is something we’ve always understood as “Storyologists,” but it’s nice to see science backing it up!  Go HERE to check it out.