STEAM TRUNK CIRCUS Indiegogo Campaign

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Help Kids Turn Negative Voices into Cheerleaders!

“You’re not smart enough!”   “You won’t do well on this test!”  “Your clothes are funny!” Learning how to manage and deal with inner bullies can impact self-esteem, stress levels, and overall happiness! In our videos, we often talk about negative voices in terms of test stress. In fact, we personified (or puppet-onified!) negative voices […]

The Best Pep Talk Ever!

THIS KID IS AWESOME!! I want to play this video before ALL of our live Test-Taking Shows. Heck, I want him to star in our Test-Taking Videos! I think my two favorite lines are…”The world needs you to not be boring!” AND “Not cool, Robert Frost!” I also loved his take on the road less […]

Positive Pages

Positive Pages In the article and video above, we talk about the importance of a positive attitude! But HOW can kids start to have a positive attitude? They can start with POSITIVE PAGES! This is a riff on the idea of a gratitude journal. But the idea is to train kids to see the positive side […]

Positive Attitude is Everything

Positive Attitude is Everything VIDEO  Here’s one of the Videos from the BIG TEST Success Video Series.   14 Positive Attitude is Everything.mp4

Creating Positive Kids

Creating Positive Kids “If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.”  -Abraham Lincoln During our live motivational school shows, we tell kids… Besides studying, doing your homework and listening to your teachers, having a positive attitude is the most important thing you can do for yourself in order […]

The YES! Name Game

The YES! Name Game One of the reasons it’s so strange to do a presentation without any audience feedback is the lack of energy exchange. So much of performing or presenting “live” is the give and take of energy between the audience and the performer. This is one of the reasons we love to perform […]

WORRY DOLLS take your troubles away!

The Story  According to legend, if you tell your troubles to a Guatemalan worry doll then place it under your pillow, your worries will be gone by morning. These small, colorful dolls date back to Mayan traditions. They’re typically about one inch tall, made from a small piece of wood and dressed in scraps of clothing and yarn. More than […]


I’m a “Storyologist” so of course I love words. Funny words.  Weird words.  Tasty words.  My favorite is my WORD OF THE YEAR. A WORD OF THE YEAR replaces a long list of resolutions and with a single, juicy word.  It can be any word that has meaning for you. Often it’s a concept that […]

Imagination Workout & Visualization

Imagination Workout Creativity is imagination in action. You can’t have one without the other. But they both require care, feeding and…exercise! Reading is of course one of the best imagination workouts you can get. But it also works the other way. I believe that kids with great imaginations are better readers because they can visualize […]