We Won a Telly Award!

So… Page Turner Adventures presents Live Comedy Adventure shows for family audience, right? Yes. Yes, we do. But…we also have a sister company called STORYOLOGY STUDIOS, which produces video and television projects for family audiences. And…. Storyology Studios just won a Telly Award for a promo video produced for Galaxy Elementary School. A Telly is […]

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Ahem….hellooo…tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on? Okay, I’m a bit embarrassed that I’ve fallen off the blog posting wagon these past few months. Okay, FIVE MONTHS since my last Page Turner Adventures post. There, I’ve said it. The truth is we’ve been crazy busy over here at Page Turner Adventures. We started a new […]

Rattlebone Rock ROCKS!

Folks in the town  Still talk of the night When the moon on the graveyard Shone so bright That the spirits there Made the tombstones knock And the beat began for the Rattlebone Rock. BOOMA-BOOM!  BOOMA-BOOM! And so begins RATTLEBONE ROCK, one of my all time favorite Halloween books for kids. And I’mnot just saying that […]

STEAM TRUNK CIRCUS Indiegogo Campaign

So excited about our new indiegogo campaign. Please click the link to see what it’s all about and support creativity in education! Please help us spread the word by sharing it directly from the Indiegogo page. Thanks!! Go to  http://bit.ly/15fsn3n    

Back to School Jokes

A few VERY corny back-to-school jokes for your enjoyment!               Q: Why was the teacher wearing sunglasses to school? A: She had very bright students.   Q: What kind of school do you go to if you’re an ice cream man? A: Sundae school.   Q: What kind of school do you go to […]

The New Mixed-Up Fairy Tale Show

Hard to believe Memorial Day has come and gone and summer is just around the corner. For the first time in quite a while, Kenny and I won’t be doing a Summer Reading Tour. This year we’ve decided to stay close to home and focus on a super-exciting, can’t-wait-to-tell-you-about-it, top-secret project.  Oooh, it’s gonna be […]

Help Kids Turn Negative Voices into Cheerleaders!

“You’re not smart enough!”   “You won’t do well on this test!”  “Your clothes are funny!” Learning how to manage and deal with inner bullies can impact self-esteem, stress levels, and overall happiness! In our videos, we often talk about negative voices in terms of test stress. In fact, we personified (or puppet-onified!) negative voices […]

The Best Pep Talk Ever!

THIS KID IS AWESOME!! I want to play this video before ALL of our live Test-Taking Shows. Heck, I want him to star in our Test-Taking Videos! I think my two favorite lines are…”The world needs you to not be boring!” AND “Not cool, Robert Frost!” I also loved his take on the road less […]


This holiday season I’m grateful for books that make me laugh out loud! Wendy Silvano’s hilarious picture book TURKEY TROUBLE does just that. I picked it up off a library shelf this summer just before I went “on stage” to perform a Summer Reading Program show, and I could not stop giggling (not quite sure […]

Zombie Tag-A Fun Game for Halloween (or any time of the year!)

Zombie Tag is a great game for Halloween or any time you need to bring a little life (or death) to a party. It’s also a great team-building game because the group has to work together to tag the other players. Make it a Book SmARTS activity and Read: A Zombie’s Guide to the Human […]

Zombie in Love: A Great Book for Halloween

ZOMBIE IN LOVE by Kelly DiPucchio is one of my all time favorite picture books, and a perfect read for the Halloween season. It’s might be hard to “wrap your brain” around the idea that a book about a lonely zombie could work for younger kids, but Ms. DiPucchio pulls it off beautifully. Here’s a […]

Great Halloween Book for Kids!

Kids (and adults!) will love HOW THEY CROAKED: THE AWFUL ENDS OF THE AWFULLY FAMOUS. What a great way to learn about historical figures. Who knew that Beethoven died of lead poisoning? The book really isn’t quite as morbid as it sounds. Author Georgia Bragg keeps the tone light, upbeat and funny (but still respectful). […]