The Importance of Creativity with Peter Reynolds

Several years ago, Kenny and I were “video hosts” for the International Reading Association Conference. It was amazing. We got the chance to meet incredible educators AND speak with some of our heroes in the kidlit world! Including (drum roll please)….Author/Illustrator/Media Guru extraordinaire, Peter Reynolds!! He’s an amazing guy who is absolutely passionate about creativity, […]

The STEAM Trunk Circus-Storybook Steampunk Set in Progress

Things are moving full STEAM ahead for the STEAM Trunk Circus Transmedia project!!! We’re so excited about where this is going. Love working with indiegogo, because we’re able to use the funds right away as they come in. That’s enabling us to bring in an amazing team to build our Storybook Steampunk style set. Here […]

Drats, FOILED Again: No Mess Craft Project Builds Creative Muscle

I babysat for my nephews a couple of days ago. Since I was coming from another meeting, I didn’t have my usual bag ‘o stuff. I always try to bring craft projects, experiments, books, whatever. Hey, I have a rep to protect as the “fun aunt.” But this time around…nothin’. Are we going to make […]

STEAM TRUNK CIRCUS Indiegogo Campaign

So excited about our new indiegogo campaign. Please click the link to see what it’s all about and support creativity in education! Please help us spread the word by sharing it directly from the Indiegogo page. Thanks!! Go to    

A Very Cheesy Contest – Win a Copy of The Great Pizza Contest Book!

Ever been to the town of Mozzarella? You have if you’ve been to a live production of THE GREAT PIZZA CONTEST show or read the popular kids book by yours truly. It’s the cheesy tale of two feuding pizza makers, Vincent Van Dough and Leonardo Da Munchi. Vincent thinks the dough is the most important […]

Global Day of Play inspired by Caine’s Arcade

Today is a Global Day of Play. How will you celebrate? We’ll be at the A-Maz-ing Cardboard Challenge at Pleasant City’s Blum Park inspired by Caine’s Arcade. Caine is an awesome little boy who built an arcade out of cardboard and inspired the world! Caine’s Arcade

Storyologist Kits

Storyologist Kits At the beginning of December, I received a voice mail from my niece, Eliana in Wisconsin. She said, “Aunt Riley, I just wanted to tell you that I want to be a Storyologist when I grow up.”   Needless to say, I was thrilled! She then went on to tell me a story […]

Clothespin Alligator

Featured Creative Literacy Activity: Clothespin Alligator Read the book, then do the craft!      Monsieur Gator decides to cook up some gumbo just like his Maman used to make. But who will help him boil, catch, sprinkle, and chop? Certainly not rude Mademoiselle Possum, ornery Monsieur Otter, or sassy Madame Skunk. But when the […]

Batty for Books! Fruit Bat Craft

Featured Creative Literacy Activity:  Batty for Books! Fruit Bat Craft   Before you do this craft with kids, read Bats at the Library, Bats at the Beach, and/or Bats at the Ballgame by Brian Lies!           Materials One Sock -Light brown craft foam or felt -Small googly eyes -Three brown or black pipe […]

Water Balloon Yo-Yo

Featured Creative Literacy Activity:  Water Balloon Yo-Yo   The water balloon yo-you is fun summer activity for all ages.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t get too messy, and can be done indoors.  Make it a Creative Literacy project! Read the book THEN do the craft. Materials   9″ Balloon Extra Large Rubber Band (can be found at office […]


FEATURED Website:  DIY.ORG The refrigerator is great, but this website gives kids a great opportunity to display their creative work and  share it with others.  Check them out at DIY.ORG 

Thinking Out of the Box

  When I was four years old, I wanted the Dancarina Doll more than anything in the world. She had toe shoes and a pink tutu, and when you pressed her crown, she did perfect  pirouettes again and again.  I begged my parents for the expensive doll, and finally, for my birthday, they relented.  I tore […]