The STEAM Trunk Circus-Storybook Steampunk Set in Progress

Things are moving full STEAM ahead for the STEAM Trunk Circus Transmedia project!!! We’re so excited about where this is going. Love working with indiegogo, because we’re able to use the funds right away as they come in. That’s enabling us to bring in an amazing team to build our Storybook Steampunk style set. Here it is is in progress. The center hole will contain a video screen where we’ll interact with different characters, scientists, inventors and artists including Edison, Da Vinci, Curie, Einstein, and Tesla! Things will move, bubble, steam, open and close. If you haven’t seen the campaign, please go HERE to check it out, and consider contributing. You’ll help us bring this program to kids across the country AND you’ll get some cool prizes! STEAM Trunk Circus Indiegogo Campaign


set kenny and jessiearrow piece for setflux capacitor for setDoors



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