WEIRD Books Inspire Reading!

Yesterday, Kenny and I were guest readers at Pine Jog Elementary School. It was a blast! We visit lots of elementary schools, but we’re usually on a stage in the cafetorium  (love those cafetoriums) doing one of storytheater shows or our test-taking show. Shows are fun, but it’s also good to get up close and personal every now and then. Usually, we’ll read The Great Pizza Contest book, but this time we had mostly 5th grade classes who’d heard that story before and we wanted to do something a little different.  So we decided to go WEIRD.  STRANGE route. Kenny  did some shtick (he can’t help himself!), then read from HOW THEY CROAKED: AWFUL ENDS OF THE AWFULLY FAMOUS. I’ve blogged about this book before. It’s awesome! Want to get kids interested in reading? Tell them King Tut’s brains were pulled out through his nose with a hook and they’ll be…um…hooked! He also read from WEIRD U.S. Technically not a children’s book, but still filled with fascinating stories of the bizarre.


I read from excerpts from STRANGE MYSTERIES OF THE UNEXPLAINED by Oliver Doyle. I LOVE THIS BOOK!

And so did the kids. It’s filled with weird little factoids about things like the Skunk Ape (Florida’s version of Big Foot), Atlantis, Aliens, the REAL Men in Black, and…The Mongolian Death Worm. These kinds of books are a fantastic way to encourage curiosity and discover AND they also inspire further reading. Plus, kids will know just what to do if they ever happen to encounter the Mongolian Death Worm (Hint: Run. Very. Fast!).

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