The Best Pep Talk Ever!

THIS KID IS AWESOME!! I want to play this video before ALL of our live Test-Taking Shows. Heck, I want him to star in our Test-Taking Videos!

Click the picture to watch this AWESOME video!

I think my two favorite lines are…”The world needs you to not be boring!” AND “Not cool, Robert Frost!” I also loved his take on the road less traveled….”IT HURT, MAN!”

How to teach children (and adults) ways to positive thinking can easily be a big challenge. However, using humor as a tool is a great way for encouraging a child, and our favorite method at that!

Thanks for inspiring us, Kid President!





  1. This kid is awesome! How Genuine & comfortable in his own skin. I know a few adults who could benefit from living a few hours like this little man! Very fun! (My kids laughed hysterically!)

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