Here’s to a Prosperous, Polka-Dot New Year!!

As a “storyologist” I love finding out about interesting, odd, weird, unusual, fascinating, funny, intriguing, holiday traditions from around the world, like this one from the Philippines….

On December 31st Filipinos prepare a midnight feast to welcome the New Year. They wear polka-dot clothing and prepare round foods (oranges, apples, things in round containers, etc.) to make sure the new year brings prosperity, money and good luck (all those circles celebrate the roundness of coins).

I asked my friend Rosalie from Philippines about this tradition. She said it was absolutely true but there was more to the holiday than round food…

When midnight strikes, we open all doors and windows to let the blessings of the new year come in. They say if we don’t, we keep the good fortune out of the house. Lots of fireworks too to welcome the new year. During the days when we don’t have access to fireworks, Filipinos make noise with anything (pans, water drums, horns, anything that makes a big sound). They say that these noises scare the bad luck and the bad spirits away.”

Tonight, we’re celebrating Filipino style: Polka-dots, round food, open doors and lots of noise!

Happy New Year!


  1. Thanks for sharing this information, but I take exception to your calling traditions from other places odd and weird. Our traditions might seems just as unusual to people somewhere else, so how about striking those words from your vocabulary when discussing other people? Stick with the other adjectives you used and I think it will show your affection and interest in other peoples in a positive way.

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