This holiday season I’m grateful for books that make me laugh out loud! Wendy Silvano’s hilarious picture book TURKEY TROUBLE does just that. I picked it up off a library shelf this summer just before I went “on stage” to perform a Summer Reading Program show, and I could not stop giggling (not quite sure what the audience thought about the snorts and guffaws coming from backstage).

TURKEY TROUBLE-A Very funny book for Thanksgiving

Poor Turkey knows that Thanksgiving is on the way. Suspecting that he might be the main course, he decides to dress up as different farm animals to avoid his fate.  Visual jokes and great puns (hey, I love a good pun!) make this book is a delicious Thanksgiving treat. Enjoy!








  1. This book looks hilarious. I met the illustrator at a conference in PA. I like his work a lot.

  2. I’ll need to check out his other work, Donna. The illustrations are fantastic!

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