Zombie Tag-A Fun Game for Halloween (or any time of the year!)

Zombie Tag is a great game for Halloween or any time you need to bring a little life (or death) to a party.

Use with Zombie Tag: A Great Game for Halloween

It’s also a great team-building game because the group has to work together to tag the other players.

Make it a Book SmARTS activity and Read: A Zombie’s Guide to the Human Body (for Older Kids)

or Zombie In Love (for younger kids). Use with Zombie Tag: A Great Game for Halloween

Object of the game:  Turn everyone in the group into a seething mass of brain-eating zombies.

Number of Players: 10 or more

What You Need: Plenty of unencumbered space.

How it’s played: One person starts out as the Zombie and walks around the room in a zombie-like fashion repeating the phrase, “One of us, one of us.”  The other players try to avoid being touched (or tagged) by the zombie.

The non-zombie players CANNOT RUN, but must walk quickly to avoid being touched by the “un-dead.”

When someone is tagged by a Zombie, they link arms with the original boys and ghouls. With a slack-jawed, blank-eyed expression, they join in on the “One of us,” refrain and try to tag others.

Every time someone is tagged, they turn into a Zombie, join the group and continue the chant. All Zombies must remain linked as they work together to tag the remaining “humans.” This gets increasingly more difficult and fun!

Click on the link below to watch a video from our  Book SmARTS and Crafts for Teens DVD (coming soon), featuring actual teens playing the game.


  1. Your game zombie is funny game. It’s also a team building game because groups work together.

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