Zombie in Love: A Great Book for Halloween

ZOMBIE IN LOVE by Kelly DiPucchio is one of my all time favorite picture books, and a perfect read for the Halloween season. It’s might be hard to “wrap your brain” around the idea that a book about a lonely zombie could work for younger kids, but Ms. DiPucchio pulls it off beautifully. Here’s a “taste” from the jacket flap copy:

Mortimer is looking for love. and he’s looking everywhere! He’s worked out at the gym (if only his arm wouldn’t keep falling off). He’s tried dance lessons (but the ladies found him to be a bit stiff). He’s even been on stalemate.com. How’s a guy supposed to find a ghoul? When it seems all hope has died, could the girl of Mortimer’s dreams be just one horrifying shriek away? 

Can you see why I love this book? It’s funny, touching, chock full of puns that will make you screamwith laughter, and the illustrations by Scott Campbell are perfectly creepy without being scary.  The best part, in my opinion, is the personal ad that Mortimer places to find his true love. Feel free to sing along….


If you like taking walks in the graveyard and falling down in the rain

If you’re not into cooking, if you have half a brain.

If you like waking up at midnight, horror films, and voodoo,

then I’m the guy who you’ve looked for and I’m dying to meet you!





  1. Thanks for the ghoul review, Riley! Mortimer and I are eternally grateful…

  2. I love this book! Oh, and all of Kelly DiPucchio’s other fantabulous books!

  3. Thanks, Donna and Kelly! You really are two of my favorite funny authors!

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