Duct Tape Beach Bags

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Duct Tape Beach Bags

You're going to need something to carry Duct Tape Beach Bagyour beach reads in! This duct tape bag is tons of fun to make and a lot easier than you might think. (Check out the video below). At the end of the video, there's a variation that uses a zip lock bag to make a duct tape purse (try using a snack size zip lock to make a change purse!).
Duct Tape Book Bag

Duct Tape Beach Bag


13-gallon garbage bag (or zip lock sandwich bags)


*Colored duct tape (we used purple and white)

Marker or pen

Yardstick or measuring tape

Masking tape

Optional: cotton cording



1. Turn the garbage bag into a large sheet by cutting along one side seam and the bottom seam.


2. Tape the sheet flat to your workspace and draw a 16- by 30-inch rectangle on it. Cover the rectangle with slightly overlapping strips of purple and white tape (or any color combo you like!)


3. Cut out the tape rectangle and flip it tape-side down.


4. Fold over the edges on the short side and tape down. If you'd like, you can place a piece of cotton cording down first, then fold over.


5. Fold the rectangle in half and tape up the sides. If you used the cotton cording, tie the ends together to create a drawstring.


6. Create handles by taping two strips of tape together and taping to the inside of the bag.


*Look for colored duct tape at Walmart, Michaels, etc. You can also find cool patterns like camouflage, zebra and leopard.




  1. My daughter’s birthday is in July – this would be a great craft for her party!

  2. The little zip lock versions are fun for a big group. You can even get the little snack sizes to make change purses! It’s amazing the variety of duct tape that’s out there. If you keep your eye open, you can find it on sale at Walmart, Michaels, even dollar stores!

  3. HA! I bought the stuff for this and haven’t had a chance to make it yet, thanks for the reminder! This will be fun to have her do for a project for school!

  4. Thanks, Biz. Let me know how it turns out! I’m always amazed to see the different creative ideas kids come up with when they do this project!

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