Water Balloon Yo-Yo

Featured Creative Literacy Activity: 

Water Balloon Yo-Yo


The water balloon yo-you is fun summer activity for all ages.  Water Balloon Sea Serpent

Surprisingly, it doesn’t get too messy, and can be done indoors. 

Make it a Creative Literacy project! Read the book THEN do the craft.

Water Balloon Yo Yo


  • 9″ Balloon
  • Extra Large Rubber Band (can be found at office supply stores)
  • SMALL Empty Water Bottle
  • Optional Decorations: stickers, pom-poms, markers, etc.
  • Water


1. Fill the water bottle with two thirds of water (if you use a large water bottle, experiment with the water amounts)

2. Blow up the balloon slightly (this is an important step!)

3. Twist the balloon so no air escapes


4. Put the nozzle of the balloon over the bottle’s mouth 


5. Untwist


6. Turn the bottle upside down, so the water goes into the balloon. 


7. Remove balloon from bottle


8. Let out some of the air (to the desired yo-yo size)


9. Tie a knot in the balloon


10. Cut the rubber band in half. Tie one end around the knot  and make a loop at the other end for your finger.


11. Have fun with your yo-yo!


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