Clothespin Alligator

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Clothespin Alligator

Read the book, then do the craft!   


Gator GumboMonsieur Gator decides to cook up some gumbo just like his Maman used to make. But who will help him boil, catch, sprinkle, and chop? Certainly not rude Mademoiselle Possum, ornery Monsieur Otter, or sassy Madame Skunk. But when the gumbo is ready, they’re more than eager to enjoy the result of Gator’s hard work.

This Cajun version of The Little Red Hen has a fun twist at the end.


Make Your Own Gator!

MaterialsAlligator Craft

Wooden clothespin
Green paint and brush

Pink or red paint
Green pipe cleaner
2 googly eyes

Black marker
Scissors or wire cutters


1. Read the book!

2. Paint your clothespin green

(or whatever color you’d like your alligator to be)

3. Paint the inside pink or red for the mouth.

4. Cut your pipe cleaner in half.

5. Fold the ends of your pipe cleaner into the center and press together. Repeat for the other half of the pipe cleaner.   

6. Insert the alligator’s front legs all the way into the clothes pin. Insert the back legs into the back of the clothes pin, you will probably need to glue the back legs to the clothes pin so they won’t fall out.

7. Glue googly eyes on either side of the alligator’s face or draw them on with a black marker.  

8. Decorate with markers. 

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