Bean There, Done That


Bean There, Done That


Here are two fun creative literacy activities to go along with The Lima Bean Monster by Dan Yaccarino. 


Lima Bean Monster Sammy hates lima beans despite the fact that he has never eaten a single one in his entire life. When he decides to bury them in a hole outside, the neighborhood kids hear about it and add their unwanted vegetables. One night there is a terrible storm, and a monster is born! A monster made of Sammy’s lima beans! 

Craft #1: Give Peas a Chance Peas Picture


-A variety of dried beans (in various colors): lentils, peas, kidney beans, black beans, lima beans, etc. 

-Heavy card stock 

 or a small canvas

-Craft Glue


-Small plastic containers (optional)


1. Read the book

2. Pour the beans into separate, small plastic containers 

3. Sketch a design onto the card stock or canvas with a pencil

4. Go over the design with glue

5. Attach the beans! 

 Craft #2: The Creature from the Black Legume 

Kids can create their own lima bean monsters!

Lima Bean Monster 2


-Dried beans

-Air drying clay

-Googly Eyes (optional)

-Small plastic containers (optional)


1. Read the book. Seriously, this part is important. You’ll see why later.

2. Form the clay into your monster shape (a big blob works!)

3. Press beans into the clay to crate your Lima Bean Monster. (use bean for the eyes, or press googly eyes into the clay)

4. Allow to air dry. 

5. In reference to direction #1 above – Reading rocks, that’s why. Now read the book again!

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