The Anti-Craft

The Anti-Craft: Thinking Outside The Bag


In the spirit of “open-ended” play, creativity and recycling, we’re going to do an anti-craft. 

This is a project we did with librarians at one of our creative literacy workshops several years ago.

It’s an activity designed to get the creative juices flowing!     



1. Paper Grocery Bag (you can also use a cardboard box)

2. Odd Stuff (We reused a bunch of materials from Resource Depot) 


For example: 

-plastic cups

-pipe cleaners

-odd bits of foam

-paint chips

-fabric scraps

-left over supplies from other craft projects: pom poms, stickers, craft foam pieces, etc.

-binder clips

-paper clips




1. Fill the bags with various items. If you’re working with a group, each bag should have approximately the same amount of items, but some should be different. 


2. Let your imagination go wild and create anything you want to out of the materials in your bag or box.  


3. You must use ALL of the materials (including the bag).*


4. If you’re working with group, allow them to trade materials (that’s why it’s helpful to have different items in each bag).


*Note: You don’t have to put these restrictions on the project (using all the materials, etc.) but creativity often flourishes when one is forced to “figure things out.” 


Creative Literacy Variation: Create a character out of the items. Give the character a name, personality and backstory. You can take it a step further and encourage the children to write a story about the character somewhere on the bag. 

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