We’re making it Pirate WEEK!

Ahoy! Kenny here. Okay, so, after Riley posted about the pirate map yesterday, I found a treasure trove of OOOOOOOOLLLLDD videos when I was a Kid’s Club host in Madison, Wisconsin and I did a few spots about The Mutiny on the Bounty. (BTW, that was actually my parrot! His name was Freddy.) This was my first TV job and it was a HOOT! I especially loved being recognized around town by my favorite people of all – KIDS!

Well, years later, not much has changed. Kids are still my favorite people, I still overact (maybe not QUITE as much) and I still love dressing up in colorful clothes. No more parrots, though. Today, I’d have to put a cat on my shoulder. (Which I’ve actually done.)

Enjoy this one. We’ll have more as the week progresses!


  1. Michael Karp says:

    You haven’t changed a bit…. Very nice promo….

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