New York Public Libraries

Welcome to our new blog. Kenny and I are so excited to have a place to put all the cool stuff we collect in our travels. Seriously, we find some COOL stuff ‘cause we spend our time hanging out with librarians, teachers, parents and kids! We want this blog to be one big soup of creative awesomeness. We’re going to post articles and videos about: reading, writing, stories, creativity, travel, adventure, crafts, ideas, games, music, interviews, authors, children’s books, positive attitudes, creating successful mindsets in kids, children’s music, children’s television…well, pretty much anything having to do with cool ideas for parents, kids, and the people who work with kids!

Cool Idea from the NY Public Library
We spent this past summer touring our Great Pizza Contest Show and performing in libraries in New York, Florida and Louisiana. It was tons ‘o fun and we got lots of creative ideas for getting kids to read. One of my favorites was the New York Public Library’s “Read Down Your Fines” program. Kids got a dollar off their fine for every 15 minutes they read.

Now, I have to admit, that I’m torn on the idea of “rewards for reading” type programs. I think that reading is its own reward. But, if reward programs get reluctant readers to pick up a book and realize how much fun it is to read, well then hey, I’m all for it.

What are your thoughts about rewards for reading?

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