Pirate WEEK continues!

Since I’m a glutton for punishment and abject humiliation, I decided to show you another one of these videos from when I was 10 (okay, maybe 20, but I LOOKED like I was 10!) Though I kinda had no idea what I was doing at the time, looking back on it now, I can see I was on to something – getting kids excited about reading through character and comedy I guess has always been a part of me. And that prompted me to look at some old notes and essays I wrote as a high school kid as well. And I noticed that many of the ideals I cling to today have been with me all along. Like they say, the more that changes,  the more that stays the same.

What prompted YOU to be the person you are today? Have you always been this way or was it some crazy life changing event? If ya dig performing or educating kids in some manner (like we do), how did you develop that passion? Really, we’d like to know! Tell us in the comments below.


  1. OMG – look at how YOUNG you are! And that is a real PARROT!!! How utterly cool is that? I love kids, I love being AROUND kids, but I only educate my own at the moment. However, to answer your question about what prompted me to be the person I am today? I have always considered myself a really personable person, able to be all things to all people. I assumed I became this way because I went to 17 different schools growing up. I had to always make new friends and meet new people. That means you have to have the ability to not be afraid of always trying something new. And yup, that is me! Always willing to try…fear or no, just try it – you’ll like it. Hey Mikey, he likes it! ::giggle::

    • THAT’S WEIRD! That’s like, totally my story as well. I went to a bunch of different schools and I’ve always attributed much of my personality to the fact that I wasn’t afraid of anyone because it was kinda like, oh, THOSE guys are the jocks of this school and THOSE guys are the theatre geeks. And yep, I was a little bit of everything to everyone as well and would move easily back & forth between “cliques”.
      See, that’s why you ask these questions – cause you never know what you might have in common!

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