Imagination Workout & Visualization

Imagination Workout
Creativity is imagination in action. You can’t have one without the other. But they both require care, feeding and…exercise! Reading is of course one of the best imagination workouts you can get. But it also works the other way. I believe that kids with great imaginations are better readers because they can visualize the story. Being able to create pictures in our heads based on what we read or hear, is an important reading comprehension skill.

Studies show that students who visualize as they read not only have a richer reading experience, but can recall what they have read for longer periods of time. Visualization turns black and white words on a page into vivid pictures, characters, stories and situations. It’s the magic behind reading. It was also the inspiration for the video: Movie in My Mind from our This is Only a Test! Series. You can see the video below. We used Aesop’s Fable of the Wind and the Sun, but you can use any story to practice creative visualization. Try to find a tale that contains descriptive language and strong verbs that conjure vivid images!

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