5 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas to Encourage Reading!

Here are 5 fun, creative ideas to get kids reading!

1. Crank Up the Karaoke

Kids have so much fun doing karaoke they won’t even realize they’re reading! Visit garage sales for inexpensive machines (you’ll find them beside the fondue pots and bread makers) or just print out the lyrics to your children’s favorite music and encourage them to read along to the song. Tip: If you’re using pop music, make sure you check the lyrics for appropriateness first.


2. Reading Sponge Bob

We’ve all been at restaurants where there is closed captioning on the TV screens (why does it seem that EVERY restaurant has to have a TV on in the background these days?). Many televisions have this closed captioning capability. Turn it on and watch your kids read their way through their favorite shows.


3. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Write the alphabet on small pieces of paper and place in a hat. Have your kids pick a paper then find as many objects as they can around the house that start with that letter. Older kids can search for a list of words. Encourage them to be resourceful and look for words on food boxes, cans, envelopes, magazines, clothing labels, books, etc.


4. Listen Up!

We created a video in our test-taking series called “Movie in My Mind” because being able to visualize a story is an important part of reading. Listening to audio books is a great way to help kids practice visualizing. Many library systems have audio books that you can check out and download for free!


5. Language Arts and CRAFTS!

Having a craft that relates to a book is a great way to extend the reading experience. Plus, reading and following craft direction helps build literacy muscles. We’ll have lots of creative literacy crafts up soon!


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