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Cool Pirate Map

In honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, I thought I’d post one of my all time favorite crafts! Seriously, I love this pirate map because it fits my top craft criteria:

  • Cheap
  • Easy
  • FUN

It really looks and feels like an old piece of parchment. All you need is a brown paper bag, some markers and the secret ingredient (drum roll please!)….VEGETABLE OIL!


  1. Rip the paper until you have a flat piece of “parchment.”
  2. Use markers to draw a picture of a map.
  3. Crumple up the bag into a tight ball then open it up.
  4. Place a small amount of vegetable oil on a paper towel and rub it over the map.
  5. Allow to dry (about 1/2 an hour).

If you want it to look and feel like old leather:wet the bag after you crumple it up and allow it to dry in the sun. Then use the markers and vegetable oil.


  • Start with a small amount of vegetable oil. You can always add more.
  • Washable markers (and even sharpies) might run or bleed a little. That’s okay! It makes the map look old and worn, but be careful about clothing and work spaces.
  • The map might feel greasy at first. It will dry into a parchment like texture.


Have fun ye land lubbers and don’t forget to be leaving a comment or I’ll make ye walk the plank! Arrrrggghhh!!!




  1. Aye, Capt’n Riley – great fun! I may have to try this with my Girl Scout wenches:-))

  2. Ahoy, Matey! I’ll be makin one of them thar maps pretty quick! So I don’t fergit whar I buried my treasure….Argggggg!

  3. Aye Aye Matey!!! Baby girl and me will be making our treasure maps for all of our bounty!

  4. I hope there’s no mutiny on that bounty….oh, wait, that’s talk like Captain Bligh day. It’s completely different. 😉

    Thanks for commenting Gold Girls! everyone. I think I’m gonna like this blogging thing.

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